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Integral clamp body


The integral clamp body is an important component in the disc brake. Compared with the split clamp body, the integral clamp body is equivalent to the combination of the main caliper body and the auxiliary caliper body. Brake blocks are placed on both sides of the inner cavity of the clamp body. The brake block is composed of a friction pad with a small working area and a metal back plate. Each brake has about 2 to 4 brake blocks in general. The brake blocks and their actuating devices are installed in a caliper-shaped bracket that spans both sides of the brake disc.

Integral clamp body series made of QT600-3 materials are produced by using a vertical boxless molding process, and the inner cavity shape of the product is formed by the sand core. The product has stable size, good internal quality, product spheroidization rate of more than 80%, uniform metallographic structure, good graphite shape, good product processing performance and stable mechanical performance.

The product has been widely used in commercial vehicle brake systems.